Atrustworthy import warehousing and distribution service provider
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    As a driving force in the import and export warehousing and distribution industry, Imton is committed to reducing the cost of import and export trade and providing efficient and high-quality services
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    covering the three major links of truck trailer, warehousing and domestic distribution in China's large and medium-sized port cities.
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    Through self-establishment and resource integration, the company has realized the true sense of seamless connection between ports and doors to ensure a one-stop service experience!
Domestic warehousing
Imton's warehousing now covers 11 large and medium-sized port cities across the country. Based on business types, self-management and resource integration are introduced to meet the warehousing needs of different industries. With a modern professional warehousing system, the company is committed to continuously improving the level of warehousing business to respond to client needs in a more rapid and efficient manner, and to provide better service while reducing warehousing costs.
Imton's domestic warehousing services include but are not limited to:
  • ·Devanning (loading and unloading)
  • ·Handling of in-and-out warehouse
  • ·Storage
  • ·Secondary sorting/palletizing
  • ·Labeling
  • ·Case/bag replacement
  • ·Wooden case/pallet customization
  • ·Other services
Domestic distribution
Imton's domestic distribution covers 34 provinces, 334 cities and 2851 county-level administrative regions/units. Through self-operation and resource integration, different transportation modes and tools are provided based on different transportation requirements, thus meeting almost all distribution needs of import and export businesses. Modern transportation scheduling systems are adopted to track vehicles with GPS throughout their journey. Professional delivery solutionsare designed to bring about a substantial reduction in delivery costs.
Imton's domestic distribution services include but are not limited to:
  • ·Intra-city distribution
  • ·Less-than-truck carpooling
  • ·Vehicle transport
  • ·Cold chain transport
  • ·Dangerous goods transport
  • ·Bulk-cargo transport
  • ·Air express
  • ·Rail - land combined transport
  • ·Transport insurance
  • ·Special escort
  • ·Other services
Process of warehousing and distribution services
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    Business consulting
    The client provides business information for consultation, communication and confirmation.
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    Plan customization
    Imton customizes reasonable execution plans and quotations according to client needs.
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    Plan implementation
    Imtonperforms in strict accordance with the plan after the client's confirmation and establishes a communication and feedback mechanism.
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    Solution completion
    Imton communicates with the client about the implementation and completion of the project and the service evaluation.

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